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Fitness equipment made in Germany

    Therapy - Effective healing through physical devices

    Physiotherapy is almost as old as mankind. The effects of massage, warmth and movement have been known for a long time. Modern physiotherapists specialize in all matters relating to the human musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapeutic measures are not limited to diseases of the elderly, but also to orthopedic, rheumatic and neurological diseases.

    The range of physiotherapy treatments is broad and, depending on the clinical picture, ranges from heat and cold treatments, massages, physiotherapy to exercise therapy. Back therapy and sports therapy also support the patient with faster and long-term regeneration and are particularly effective in the area of exercise therapy.

    There is a large selection of physiotherapy equipment used in therapy. ModularSports physical equipment is perfectly adapted to the demands of physiotherapeutic practices and the needs of their patients.


    Therapeutic training - effective support from physical equipment

    As part of therapeutic training, device-assisted physiotherapy (KGG) is prescribed. Here, physical devices and traction devices are used to rebuild weak muscles and correct muscular imbalances. Through the therapeutic training, the patient improves strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

    The therapy takes place individually with the help of the physical equipment and is therefore suitable for both inexperienced people and athletes who are in the rehabilitation process after a sports injury. Various small devices, rope pulling devices and strength training stations are used to support the therapy. The latter can train isolated muscle groups by specifying dynamic movements that the patient actively participates in.


    Warming up is usually done with the help of treadmills, height-adjustable bicycles, cross trainers and upper arm ergometers. In this phase, the patient is not yet too stressed by the physical equipment, so that he still has enough strength for his actual training.

    The next step is coordination exercises, which from a training science point of view should always take place before strength training. Physical equipment such as balance boards, sling trainers and balls are used for this. But weight exercises are also often part of the therapy program. These exercises are particularly important for complaints in the lower back, ankles, knees and hips, as they can be traced back to an instability of the musculoskeletal system.

    Strength training

    After the warm-up, it goes to strength training, which is carried out on the equipment provided in the circuit. The back extension, abdominal machine, rowing machine and lat pulldown are the physiological devices of choice here. In addition to the shoulder area, great emphasis is placed on core training. The torso deserves special attention in training, as it stabilizes the entire body, unfortunately it is incorrectly stressed in everyday life and therefore often causes various problems.

    The lower extremity area is trained by physical equipment such as leg extension, knee extension, knee extension, hip abductor and hip adductor. Training the individual muscle groups has proven to be extremely effective, especially after injuries or operations on the knee. Strength training is the strenuous focus of therapeutic training.


    Cool down

    The last training phase is the so-called cool-down. Floor and stretching exercises are carried out here, which the patient does either with the help of appropriate physical equipment or under his or her own weight. The fascia roller is typically used here, with which the patient can perform a self-massage.


    Conclusion on the physical devices

    When it comes to the human musculoskeletal system, physiotherapists are absolute top professionals. Modern movement therapy and physiotherapy are now supported by many useful and highly effective physical devices. The devices are used specifically in each training phase in order to help the patient heal more quickly.

    ModularSports offers high-quality and sustainable physical equipment that can also be used in small physiotherapy practices, as they can be integrated into the premises in a particularly space-saving manner thanks to a revolutionary system.

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