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functional fitness

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    Functional training - holism and efficiency with ModularSports


    Functional training is all the rage and with its simple principles it inspires more and more people in the sports scene. Because here it is not only about the maximum increase in performance, but also about improving your own health, being careful with your body and efficiently and safely increasing your mobility. Here you can find out what to expect and why it works so well.


    What is functional training?

    What functional training means in detail is sometimes controversial. This training method originally comes from the field of physiotherapy. According to one of the most renowned pioneers of functional training, Gary Gray, functional fitness is achieved by including and training different muscles and muscle groups in a movement sequence at the same time. So the goal is rather to train movement sequences. This is what we at ModularSports stand for .

    This point of view is quite logical, because hardly any movement sequence in everyday life is limited to a single joint or a single muscle. In contrast to this, there is classic strength training, in which muscles are used in isolation. Functional training can be used across all sports and depending on the needs of the athlete.


    Who benefits from functional training?

    Functional training is so popular, among other things, because it is designed to be absolutely individual. The training method is adapted to the age, fitness level and personal training goals of the people. This means that not only active athletes benefit from it, but also pregnant women or employees who sit at a desk for long periods of time.

    The training goal can be to improve performance in professional sport, but also to improve general mobility, posture, strength, speed and endurance in everyday life. As a result, there is something for everyone, so to speak.


    With clever exercises and tools for functional fitness

    What makes functional training so efficient and effective is the fact that you have to use your entire body - just like in a natural, active everyday life. Special attention is paid to your torso, because as the main stabilizer of your body it is the dazzling star that must always be taken into account in your training.

    The holistic view of your body in functional training is also central. The functional exercises prevent injuries by keeping your joints active and stable over the long term. Your body learns to react optimally to loads and stress.


    What do the exercises look like?

    Classically, you can expect self-weight exercises as well as the training of coordination and balance. This is exactly what makes functional training extremely effective. You can start right away without any equipment. In a modified form, you train again and again with short sprints, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, pull-ups and planks.

    Unstable surfaces or your trainer as an external stimulus will create training situations for you in which you have to stabilize and balance your body again and again. This is important so that you remain flexible and reactive in everyday life.


    Tools as the perfect complement to functional training

    So that your functional training becomes even more intense and the ultimate fun experience, there are now interesting tools that can add variety to your training program. In particular: ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, sling trainers, resistance bands, dumbbells and coordination ladders have proven themselves.

    As an innovative company, ModularSports is committed to both the sustainability of its products and has developed a revolutionary system to store equipment and accessories in a space-saving manner. So you can do your training practically anywhere.


    Conclusion on functional training

    Functional training differs from other fitness methods mainly in that the human body is viewed holistically and individually. With this training method, every fitness level and training goal is welcome, which is why not only professional athletes, but people with a wide variety of requirements find more and more enthusiasm for it.

    Well thought-out exercises and supplementary tools make the training experience exciting and varied, so that your functional fitness and motivation can remain consistently high during training.

    With our FlyFit and ModularFit equipment series, you are optimally prepared for functional training and can train almost all muscle groups in your body.

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