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Fitness station

Fitness equipment made in Germany

Fitness station - with ModularSports in top form

Fitness has become a real boom worldwide, as more and more people are aware of how important exercise is for their health and a fulfilled life. For many, however, everyday life does not allow them to go to the gym as often as would be necessary to achieve their training goals.

That is why many sports enthusiasts set up a home gym, in which a fitness station should by no means be missing. It can even be installed in small apartments without any problems, as there are also super space-saving variants. You can find out what makes the fitness station so special here.

What is a fitness station?

The fitness station is a real all-rounder when it comes to building muscles and increasing your fitness level. Basically, it is a multifunctional fitness device with which you can perform a wide variety of exercises that train your entire body. Abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, glutes, thigh muscles and shoulder girdle can be trained on just one device, which is composed of different modules.

From beginners to advanced, there is something for everyone, because a good fitness station can be easily adapted to the individual training level.  If you want to organize your training flexibly and save money in the long term, you can easily build it into your own four walls. Because fitness equipment of this kind for at home makes membership in a fitness studio superfluous.

Multi-gym: why it makes your workout so effective

Your training with a fitness station not only serves to build strength and muscle, but also has numerous other health benefits. With regular training at your fitness station, you support your cardiovascular system and improve your endurance and stamina.

You also support your passive musculoskeletal system and can actively prevent back pain or alleviate existing ones. This is particularly important for everyone who sits in the office for long periods of time and is therefore affected by a lack of exercise and an unhealthy posture.

Buying a fitness station: it depends

So that you can enjoy a fitness station in the long term and achieve your training goals as desired, you should consider a few aspects before buying.


Functions and load range

As a rule, fitness stations for advanced users are lavishly equipped. But even as a beginner you should keep as many training options open as possible, as your training level will increase over time and a fitness station with only a few functions will quickly reach its limit. For this reason, you should also make sure that the weights have sufficient opportunity to increase so that they can be adapted to your training level.

Quality and construction

It is important that your fitness station is stable, as it has to withstand very high loads during training. Well-welded steel works best here. In contrast to fitness stations that are offered at affordable prices, which are only designed for short-term loads, we rely on durability and high-quality materials. We use steel tubes and profiles with a wall thickness of 2-3mm for our fitness stations - ideal for long-term use.

  For your all-encompassing training and exercises while sitting, you should supplement your fitness station with a training bench. At this point, it is important to have sufficiently thick padding for the backrest and bench. Otherwise you run the risk of getting painful pressure points from training.

And last but not least: the dimensions. Carefully measure beforehand how much space you have and how big the fitness station is so that you can do your exercises without restrictions. Because this is the only way to train effectively.

Conclusion on the fitness station

The fitness station proves that sports equipment for at home is in no way inferior to training in a gym. With your own fitness station you are much more flexible in terms of time, so that you can really do your training on a regular basis. Because in addition to a healthy diet, sport is the linchpin for a healthy life. ModularSports offers sustainable and high-quality fitness stations that you can adapt perfectly to your needs and set up in your home to save space.

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