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Small appliances

Fitness equipment made in Germany

    Small devices - maximum training success with little space

    Do you resolve to do more for your fitness every time and then fail again because of a lack of time? The work day was long and the gym too far away - a problem that doesn't have to be a problem these days. Small fitness devices are experiencing an unbelievable boom, because they help you to stay and get in shape in your own four walls.

    In order to optimally achieve your training goals, there are various small fitness devices to provide you with targeted support. You can find out here which of them are ideal for sports at home and help you achieve maximum training success.

    Small fitness equipment -  The main advantages

    Small exercise equipment has a number of advantages over its large relatives. In contrast to the large devices in studios, they can be easily stowed away in your apartment to save space. The beautiful small fitness devices even allow a decorative integration into the living environment.

    As soon as you use the small fitness equipment at home, you save yourself the tedious trip to the gym. In addition, you are completely free in terms of training times and duration. You will never have to wait for fitness equipment again, because with the small fitness equipment you can train when and for how long you love. This allows you to lose weight much faster, as even short workouts stimulate fat burning.

    Who does not know it? In the gym, this one radio song is playing that you don't like, and old series are playing in a loop on the tiny TV. You can finally say goodbye to that too. At home, you can turn up your music loudly or start a series marathon parallel to the marathon. Not to forget: You will save yourself a lot of money in the long run, after all, the fitness equipment from ModularSports is small
    a lot cheaper than the monthly gym fees.


    Our most popular small fitness equipment for home workouts

    These small fitness devices are very space-saving and optimally support you in getting back into shape or increasing your fitness level. All nature lovers can incorporate them not only at home but also into their outdoor workout with ease, as they are very easy to take with you.


    Core roller

    Core rollers are traditionally used for particularly intensive abdominal and core training. These small fitness devices can be used not only with your hands, but also with your feet. The rollers enable movements in all directions, which not only promote strong body tension and a sense of balance, but also stimulate the nervous system - so you not only build muscles, but also stay mentally fit.


    Campus board and climbing board

    Both the campus board and the climbing board are incredibly effective small fitness equipment to train your finger and forearm strength. You simply attach the board to your wall or a fitness station and prepare yourself successfully for bouldering. They are also ideal as a warm-up or for a short workout in between. The campus balls and campus sticks are a perfect complement to the boards that make your training even more diverse and effective.



    With the Flyfit you train your Freeletics and Calistenics skills particularly easily, as it halves your body weight and supports you optimally in your training goals. The training rings intensify your Flyfit training and also increase the fun factor immeasurably. The best thing is: You can take your easily stowable Flyfit with you anywhere and train both indoors and outdoors.


    Conclusion on the small fitness equipment

    Small fitness machines for at home are extremely popular because they can be perfectly integrated into your own four walls and in this way make going to the gym superfluous. They are not only space-saving and versatile, they are also highly effective.

    You can put together your small fitness equipment individually according to your personal training goal and save yourself the cost of a membership in the fitness studio. If you have the ModularSports Fitness small equipment in your own four walls, you can finally get fit and start a healthy, active life.

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