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Physio & fitness equipment


Our MODULARFIT®   is certified according to DIN EN ISO 20957 parts 1 and 2.

Approved for home use as well as studios, hotels, sports halls, sports clubs, school facilities, clubs and rehabilitation centers (class S, I and H).

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"The best project you will ever work on is YOU."

Your training

Get a first overview now

about the various possibilities of your ModularFit® . Check out our video for that.

You have endless possibilities in your training.

With our pull-up bar, the dip handles, a cable pull and the abdominal trainer, a wide range of services is already available. There are also options for stretching, mobilization and various climbing accessories.

Fitness equipment made in Germany

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Our team

The Modular Sports team researches innovative and space-saving solutions in the entire fitness area. Patented devices such as the ModularFit® from Modular-SportS revolutionize individual training and take up a fraction of the space that conventional devices would require.

Through our enthusiasm and our know-how for fitness and health, we want to be part of YOUR personal success.

Create your home gym with fitness equipment from ModularSports

At the end of a long working day, the longing for physical and mental balance is particularly great, which is why many health and body-conscious people head straight for the gym. What sounds so productive and relaxing in the mind is often pure stress in practice. Rush hour traffic, hectic crowd in the gym and endless waiting times for the fitness equipment you need.

Does that sound familiar to you? Then there is an uncomplicated solution: Simply bring your gym to your home. What sounds complex and expensive at first glance doesn't really have to be like that and can be implemented very easily. With ModularSports you can set up your very own home gym.

How much space do you actually need for the fitness equipment?

When you think of a typical gym, you probably have large rooms in mind, in which one fitness machine is lined up after the other. Of course, an ordinary apartment doesn't usually provide this space, but the good thing is: it doesn't have to!

In contrast to the fitness studio, which has to cover the needs of many people, you put together each fitness device individually for your personal training goal - and that not only saves money, but also space. A home gym that is equipped with the most important basics only needs about 2 square meters of space, which also does not necessarily have to concentrate on one room, but can be creatively distributed in the apartment.

Versatile home gym equipment for little space

The perfect fitness device for your mini home gym is an adjustable weight bench , which you can supplement with the right dumbbells and weight plates. Depending on the training goal, a pull-up bar and a barbell including weight plates can perfectly complement your home gym. And when it comes to cardio training, you don't have to cut corners at home. If your apartment does not have the space for a larger fitness device such as a treadmill or a cross trainer and your budget is on strike, a high-quality skipping rope is the fitness device of your choice. Not only does it do the job, it's a lot of fun too!

Another fitness device that can be expanded in many ways is a campus or climbing board that you can attach to your wall. Here you train both your fingers and your forearm strength to prepare yourself perfectly for bouldering from home. If you want to use even more options in home gym, fitness stations are ideal for you because you can expand them with almost any other fitness device and thus have even more fun during training.

But other small fitness equipment can also be ideally integrated into a home gym with limited space. The core rollers are a very popular homegym fitness device, which enables maximum flexible and effective abdominal training. And anyone who likes to exercise in the fresh air can take a small fitness device like the Flyfit with them wherever they go and attach it to suitable large machines outside their own four walls. The home gym can be expanded to include an outdoor training experience at any time.

Important: soil protection in the home gym

If you set up a home gym with various fitness equipment, you should not neglect soil protection. Especially if you live in a rented apartment and have to watch out for possible damage. In addition, with a good mattress you will reduce the volume during training, which will keep the peace of the house. A non-slip carpet is well suited, but special floor protection mats for sensitive floor coverings, which also effectively dampen noise, are even better.

Conclusion on our fitness equipment

Setting up your own personal home gym is no art and saves you a lot of time stress in the fitness studio. Find a nice, suitable place in your apartment and grab your favorite fitness equipment. The fitness equipment from ModularSports prove that home training can be effective, sustainable, absolutely versatile and space-saving. Put together your own home gym now and start your training straight away!

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