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Dumbbells & benches

Fitness equipment made in Germany

Dumbbells & Benches - Your perfect equipment for building muscle

A weight bench is the ultimate classic when it comes to targeted training of the core and upper body. It has become an integral part of the fitness studio and many private households can no longer imagine training without a weight bench. The training options are diverse and flexibility is also very popular - because the weight bench is usually foldable and can therefore be quickly stowed away in your own apartment.

Here you can find out what makes training with the weight bench so effective and what is important when buying it so that you can enjoy it for a long time.


Weight Bench Training: Why It's So Effective

Depending on the equipment of the weight bench, you can train your entire body with just a little equipment. The strength building in bench press is particularly popular and probably best known - but curls, flys and many other exercises are also possible with the help of a dumbbell or barbell. The shoulder girdle, biceps, triceps as well as chest and back muscles are optimally and intensively trained.

You train your core particularly effectively if the weight bench can be adjusted at multiple angles. And if your bench also has a barbell rack, leg and gluteal muscle training, for example with squats, can also be ideally incorporated. Dumbbell exercises are therefore perfect for training individual muscle groups in a targeted and isolated manner. In addition, the dumbbell training stimulates your fat burning.

Weight bench with weights: what is important when buying

So that you can fully concentrate on your training , your top priority should be a stable weight bench that will serve you for a long time. Because nothing is more annoying than poor quality equipment that not only distracts you, but also has to be bought new all the time.

A good weight bench starts at around 100 euros - so don't save at the wrong end here and ignore the supposed bargain offers. Of course, the weight bench must also be able to withstand your body weight, including the weights used, safely and reliably. Therefore, you should absolutely pay attention to the manufacturer's information on the maximum load on the weight bench. A solid and durable material is also important, because you will still put a lot of strain on your weight bench during training. So that you can train comfortably, a width of the lying surface of at least 30 cm is recommended.

A very decisive factor, however, is which type of weight bench you choose - it depends on your planned training purpose. A normal flat bench is sufficient for basic exercises. If a diverse full-body workout is important to you, you should use an adjustable incline bench.

Your perfect dumbbell set

In dumbbell training, also known as a barbell workout, you first differentiate between dumbbells and barbell bars.

It is best to train with dumbbells in a double pack, because this is the only way your training can be really effective. Good exercises are step ups, one-armed rowing or the bent side raise. Dumbbells give you freedom of movement, a large radius during training and a high training intensity. However, they also require a lot of coordination, so that beginners are best to start slowly.

Barbells from ModularSports, on the other hand, are perfect for beginners and do not require any demanding coordination. Since there is a lot of weight on a barbell, you should be careful not to overload your back. The ideal barbell exercises for chest training are the bench press and the incline bench press.

Conclusion on our weight benches

A weight bench is the ultimate training tool to train strength and specific muscle groups. It is not only versatile, it is also space-saving - so it will also find a suitable place in small households. Whether you choose a flat or adjustable incline bench is entirely up to you and depends largely on your training goal. You should only pay attention to a good quality so that you can have fun with your training for a long time. At ModularSports you will find your high-quality weight bench and matching dumbbells.

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